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I am Gaurav Singh, a postgraduate from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Chennai), Madras, India.

My interest in doing experiments started while doing experiments for my Master’s thesis which was on study of Jet in Crossflow (used in Aircraft engines) using laser diagnostics techniques like (simultaneous MIE/PLIF & PDPA), high-speed imaging with POD / DMD. This was where I observed many interesting phenomena such as: formation and break-up of different type of liquid drop structures, bag breakup, KH instability, different kinds of vortex systems etc. visible in high-speed camera.

In another set of experiments for my Atomization and Sprays course, I had opportunity to study the break-up of liquid dripping from a faucet. I observed the formation of Satellite drops, threading, necking and breakup of drops, deformation of droplets while falling down through air etc.

It is only when you get to see such things in real, that you are able to truly appreciate the theory part of the subject.

Many of the experiments which I did in the past, separately from academic lab work are: formation of different kind of structures from drop & jet break-up: crown structuresatellite drop formationbag break-uprain drop structure, a quite common experiment: behavior of non-Newtonian fluids subjected to force, Bubble surface dynamics, “pearling instability” in air bubble rising up in non-newtonian fluidchain structure from 2 jets  etc.

All these phenomena are very common in our daily lives but very less observed and often ignored. I find all these very very interesting. so whenever I get to see something unique (trend, pattern, an experimental Idea), I perform the experiment and take pictures( and add my observations in the form of articles to my website) . I try to think of reasons behind occurrence of such phenomenon and attempt to explain it to my best. Sometimes I contact my PhD friends and professors to find out details of the experiment. 

Some of my friends have contributed articles related to the fluids, e.g.Formation of “Beads on a String” Structure in Visco-Elastic fluids and Exciplex Fluorescence Imaging.

I hope visitors of the website find pictures and explanation interesting. It would be really wonderful if you could provide feedback to my articles, correct inaccuracies in explanation of experiments or provide better explanations. [A SLIDESHOW]

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If you would like to contribute your knowledge about topics and experiments related to fluid mechanics, you can submit an article [CLICK: sample] with a picture of your experiment. Email: opticaltrek@gmail.com.

You are free to use the pictures and information given on my website. However, please give me proper credits. If you need original pictures with better resolution or have suggestions for anything related to content of website, please fill up this contact form below or Email me

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